Island blue salutes Cyprus’s love of outdoor living

Island blue salutes Cyprus’s love of outdoor living

Cyprus is well known as the home of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. With 650 kilometers of glorious coastline, many of Cyprus’s outdoor pursuits involve the enjoyment of its waters. But Cyprus offers so much more than majestic beaches and resort style living. It is also the perfect environment for the best outdoor living experiences.

Cyprus residents love the outdoors and are spoilt with choices on this beautiful island.

A firm favorite is the Akamas Peninsula in Paphos. This beautiful park is filled with valleys, gorges, and wide sandy bays. Also home to the famous Baths of Aphrodite, it is covered with abundant flora and fauna. Residents enjoy its natural beauty with a brisk hike through the nature trails or an exciting ride on an off-road quad bike. Those who want to get even closer to nature in Paphos often scuba dive in the Fontana Amorosa or the Blue lagoon, viewing the abundant sea life.

Whether they are horseback riding along a deserted beach or hiking through the cool pine scented trails – there is an outdoor adventure in Cyprus that pleases all its residents and visitors.

In Cyprus, we love to preserve our environment. Lara beach is a protected haven for green and loggerhead turtles and our mouflon enclosure safeguards endangered wild sheep. Every part of this lush island offers experiences that bring you closer to nature in a spirit of appreciation.

Island blue salutes Cyprus’s love of outdoor living.

We place many of our developments in the most unspoiled and tranquil regions of Paphos. We are dedicated to the study of the environment and its inclusion in our process of developing. We carefully designed our homes to foster this love of nature by using the elements of our beloved surroundings to transport our residents to a home that is strongly embedded in nature.

Whether it’s a sunny day at the beach, a hike in the woods or a night beneath the stars – all these natural inspirations are part of our residential architecture. Every home we build is in sync with its natural surroundings, and all designs are based on the magnificent features of the great outdoors.

Visit our website to see stunning examples of organic architecture and our creations of harmony between man and nature that epitomize Cyprus outdoor living.