Island Blue Cyprus is a property development company situated in Paphos Cyprus with a focus on luxurious upmarket developments.

Island Blue Cyprus, Property developer Paphos Cyprus

Who we are

We hold an uncompromising passion for creating art within our industry. We deliver the highest of quality and detailing, exceptional architecture, design, innovation and craftsmanship. We have a very experienced management team, with robust pricing and cost control, that deliver value for money for purchasers and maximising returns.

Hundreds of clients have trusted us with their Real Estate investments which is a testament of our success. At Island Blue, we believe in constantly challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of luxury real estate, creating unique contemporary and innovative concepts that have an impact on the way the industry thinks. We pride ourselves as an innovator; always thinking ahead of ways to design, develop and improve quality in order to create unique innovative lifestyle concepts for our discerning clientele.

We aim to pave the way for investors to benefit from the best property investment opportunities, as well as, to indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean lifestyle.

Our Mission

To provide exclusive, sophisticated and luxurious property developments for sale in Cyprus, situated in the finest locations in the Paphos and Limassol regions.

We pair this with a team of skilled professionals that have the knowledge, experience and integrity to you with all your property needs, whether buying a home in Cyprus, or investing in one for your future. 

Island Blue Cyprus will open your eyes to the most enchanting properties for sale in Cyprus. 

Our Philosophy ‘We Do Art’

Original forms of art and design are powerful inspirations within our everyday life. Art motivates passion and action, prompting us to build a heritage in various art forms that symbolically display the things that we love. Island Blue recognises this desire for authenticity in all of us and pledged not just to build homes; but to create masterpiece lifestyle concepts that are unique to every client.

In appreciation of the natural artistic splendour of our surroundings, we fused the elements of Cyprus’ organic beauty and culture into the architecture and design of our properties. We transformed the meaning and value of real estate into unique acquisitions that will inspire future generations and prompt them to question traditional boundaries.

We create artistically inspired, unique lifestyle concepts that you can call home.

    Our Team

    Our team brings together vast knowledge and experience so that you can be confident in your property investment.

    We recognise that all our clients, whatever the size and shape of their portfolio, have different and diverse needs.

    Therefore, we:

      We care about protecting your interests therefore we work with you to design and deliver a low risk loss prevention package that meets your specific requirements, including informing you with expert guidance on how to manage, control and reduce risk through our team of consultants and Real Estate professionals

      By understanding the nature and unique needs of the Real Estate market, we can help you to turn our know-how into value.

      Our Locations

      From the picturesque village of Emba to the elevated views of Tala, the unspoilt tranquillity of Sea Caves to the bustling city life of Paphos, Island blue has an array of prime locations suitable for whether you are seeking a permanent residence, holiday home or property investment with high returns. We have also recently expanded our portfolio offering real estate in the vibrant city of Limassol.

        Request a Consultation

        The Island blue team is committed to offering the support required to fast-track your enquiry. Contact us to assist you with any questions you have regarding purchasing property in Cyprus.