Those who already live on our beautiful island will have noticed the buzz of excitement as the local infrastructure in Cyprus begins to beautifully transform around us – making it an ideal time to buy a property in Cyprus. Paphos and Limassol are undergoing a stunning facelift, with new life being breathed into our gorgeous cities. At present, Limassol has sixty four projects underway and Paphos is upgrading their beaches, roads, sports facilities, and hospitals with ninety four development projects estimated at 340 million Euros already in process.

The sale of real estate, for both commercial and residential properties in Cyprus, is currently booming on the island, making it the ideal time to invest

Investors are cleverly expanding their business operations and diversifying their portfolios, entering the Cypriot economic sphere by creating permanent overseas establishments. This has resulted in a robust economic outlook for both Cyprus and for foreign investors who have wisely purchased a property in Cyprus this year. This powerful surge in investment has of course impacted the demand for housing according to the latest figures announced by the Central Bank.

Savvy investors in 2022 who opt to buy a property in Cyprus for investment purposes will reap spectacular benefits:

Enhanced benefits of the strategic location
Cyprus has steadfastly maintained its connection to European markets across the continent, making it a perfect entry point into the European sphere.
Less bureaucracy for new business owners
Procedures have been streamlined with excess costs and delays removed, making it easy to invest.
The influx of a highly educated workforce
The Cypriot government has launched incentives for those who wish to invest in property in Cyprus, to take part in the growth of its economy.
A renewed and exceptionally reliable transport system
Upgraded transportation networks along with two seaports and two world class international airports means that Investors in Cyprus have a gateway to the rest of the world.
Stable tax benefits that still offer the best opportunity for savings in Europe
Cyprus has over 65 tax treaties that provide for zero or reduced withholding tax rates on dividends, interest, royalties, and pensions received from abroad.
Pathway to Citizenship
A major upside to obtaining citizenship is not only the new streamlined procedure but that investors in Cyprus do not have to reside here permanently nor become a tax resident.
Rise in standard of living
With tremendous investments in telecommunications, shipping, and transportation, Cyprus boasts a world-class infrastructure that makes running a business and managing your life easy. 

With the government’s dedication to ensure that investments keep rolling in, Cyprus is a sought-after destination for key industries and a top financial centre in the Mediterranean. The time to invest in Cyprus has never been better, but it is important to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ to take advantage of early investing before it becomes too expensive. Island Blue can help you make an informed decision and guide you to purchase an investment property in Cyprus that will provide a high ROI. 

Don’t look back one day and regret that you did not take advantage of the real estate boom and infrastructure growth in Cyprus, contact us for an informed discussion today.

our team is standing by to discuss your needs

our team is standing by to discuss your needs

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