If you recently decided to buy a home in Cyprus, we are sure you have made this decision because of the many benefits.

When you buy a home in Cyprus, you have immediate access to European stability and safety, tax benefits and admission to great healthcare facilities and education establishments.

The positives are endless, and you have certainly made the right decision.
If you asked Island blue to help you buy a home in Cyprus, then we know you have found the perfect location and the best property after working with our team of experts. Island blue’s customer service record is outstanding, and we always put the needs of our clients first.

But now that you are ready to move, you may wonder:

What is Cypriot culture like, and is living in Cyprus different from visiting?

We listed a few things about Cypriot culture to set your mind at ease that living in Cyprus is a wonderful experience for the whole family. We hope you find them enlightening and amusing like we did.

– Cypriots like to talk loudly and use their hands for expression. Now that you are living in Cyprus, you need to understand we are not arguing – this is how we talk.

– Cyprus is safe and easy-going; we are leisurely and never feel the need to be rushed. You are no longer part of the rat race, so enjoy the laid-back style and don’t get upset if we are a little bit late for your meeting.

– We take food seriously in Cypriot culture. We have recipes that we inherited from our great grandmother, and we enjoy a shared love of meat. Our Kleftiko and Souvla are amazing, and we are honoured when you sample our dishes.

– Second to our love of food is our love of coffee. It’s part of a ritual for us, where we catch up with friends and sit at quaint café’s sharing our philosophy on life and catching up with the latest gossip.

– Family is very important in Cypriot culture. It’s the whole reason why you can move to our country and feel safe and secure. We will value your children as much as our own.

– We are called the Island of Love for a reason. We adore weddings and parties. You will pass many a bridal party and often a bridal bus filled with happy guests celebrating their union.

Cypriot culture is warm and inviting.

We welcome visitors from all around the world and go out of our way to be helpful and hospitable. Neighbors of different cultures live in close proximity and in peace. If you want to join our extended community and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle that is safe and secure, then reach out to us today to find out more about the wonderful Cypriot culture and lifestyle.

Contact Island blue to find out more about our wonderful family friendly properties for sale in Paphos and give your children the holistic lifestyle they deserve.

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