This is not a question you will hear from those who have visited the island. In fact, Cyprus is considered the most desirable location to live by expats around the globe. Those who decide to buy a home in Cyprus will tell you that Cypriot lifestyle is relaxed and laid back. Their strong Mediterranean culture influences residents to take the time to relax and enjoy their lives.

The weather is always perfect, and they get to enjoy it to the full because compared with the UK and other European countries, Cyprus’ cost of living is low enough to have an excellent lifestyle on a modest budget. Cyprus taxes are low and so is their crime rate, which is why: 

Island Blue helps many professionals and young families move to Cyprus.

The first question on their mind is never: “Why should I buy a home in Cyprus?”, but “Where should I buy a home in Cyprus?”.

Keeping with Island Blue’s philosophy to ensure our clients not only find a perfect home but also an area that will make the entire family happy – our answer is always Paphos!

“Why should I buy a home in Paphos?

Island Blue has a large portfolio of amazing properties for sale in Paphos that we show to young families. We have found that they are looking to offer their children a holistic lifestyle, with a return to the appreciation of nature and the environment. Many of our clients have become tired of the life they lead in large cities and are looking for a change of pace for their family. When they hear how spending time with your loved ones is of major importance in Paphos. When they see how nature and outdoors features highly in regular activity, they are drawn, like us, to this idyllic corner of Cyprus.

After living in areas that experience high pollution rates, new residents are often amazed at the air quality that their children enjoy here. When they buy a home in Paphos, they find there is no industrial pollution in our water and air. Our beaches, hills, forests, and mountains are clean and unspoiled. Parents are pleased to learn that not only will their children experience the outdoors in safety, they are also afforded high academic standards in schools that are not overcrowded.

Paphos is a wonderful place to raise children.

Those who have been lucky enough to buy a home in Paphos soon realise they are surrounded by beautiful nature, but Paphos town still has a good infrastructure and all the necessary amenities. From shopping malls and shops to modern hospitals – Paphos has everything that a young family needs.

That’s why when a client asks us, “Where should I buy a home in Cyprus?” Island Blue’s answer will always be Paphos!

Contact Island blue to find out more about our wonderful family friendly properties for sale in Paphos and give your children the holistic lifestyle they deserve.

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